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    Cranberry Apple Muffins

    Fall is upon us, my friends! It is my favorite season of them all. Why? Because I love the cooler temperatures, open windows, long sessions of stove top cooking, baking, and all the spices and aromas that come with the season. Give me all the cinnamon, apples, pumpkins and these seasonal Cranberry Apple Muffins. I’m a sucker for it all. This easy muffin recipe is perfect to awaken your fall senses. The apples, cinnamon and cranberries make a great satisfying mix and are great for on the go eating. These are ideal for a quick breakfast especially when warmed up a tad with a touch of butter. Yum!  Because butter…

  • The Best Chili Recipe

    Back revisiting this favorite of mine. It really is The Best Chili Recipe This time though, I made a vegetarian batch of The Best Chili Recipe. I nixed all the meat and the beer, and I added mushrooms to the mix. It was just as delicious. Of course, I garnished my portion with avocado slices. Because I love my avocados on anything. Don’t you? Need the non-vegetarian version of this recipe? Keep scrolling… I’ve been using this chili recipe for the past 10 years, at least. I’m pretty sure I mixed a few recipes from various sources to get to this lovely mix of spices. We love it at our…

  • Easy Crunchy Egg Rolls

    Easy Crunchy Egg Rolls

    Nothing fancy guys, just some extra crunchy egg rolls for you! These egg rolls are so delicious and so crunchy. I can’t stop thinking of them. Serve them with sweet chili sauce for dipping. Can’t go wrong with any of it. I make these with ground beef but they are also delicious with pork or a beef and pork mixture. Scratch the meat all together for a vegetarian option. Let me know how you like them!

  • Watermelon Salad

    Watermelon Salad

    A Watermelon Salad is the ultimate summer side dish that pairs well with pretty much anything. I tried many variations of this Watermelon Salad and none of them disappointed. This mix was especially crisp and tasty. The crunchy cucumber, juicy watermelon, sweet mango, spicy jalapeño, and the basil make a wonderful union. Then, you add the dressing and OMG. It is a real refreshing treat. I made this for some wonderful ladies a few weekends ago, while we were spending a weekend away at a beautiful cottage on Lake Huron. It was a side dish next to chicken kabobs served with naan and hummus. The best! I have also paired this…

  • Butternut Squash Triangoli Tomato and Yellow Squash Butter

    Butternut Squash Triangoli Tomato and Yellow Squash Butter

    This, my friends, was the easiest and most delicious meal EVER!!! It honestly came together in under 20 minutes, and for a Monday evening dinner, it was beyond perfect! The butternut squash filled pasta and the buttery tomato and yellow squash, made a great match of sweet and salty! Try this Butternut Squash Triangoli Tomato and Yellow Squash Butter for dinner soon! I had little time yesterday to think of dinner ideas. I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home from work for a few items, and BOOM…. I discovered yet another delicious item of theirs. Thanks Trader Joe’s!!! You will find this deliciousness in the refrigerated section; by the…

  • Mango+Peach+Mint Sorbet

    This summer treat is the easiest to make and it is so delicious. You can even make it a boozy treat if you wish, for all the adults (21+) at your party. I added a little Elderflower liquor like St-Germain to the mix, but I suspect that it would be delicious with Rum, Tequila and even Vodka.    

  • Spirulina+Coconut Oatmeal Bites

    Have you heard of Spirulina powder? I started using it last week actually, in a smoothie bowl. I loved it. This morning I decided to make oatmeal bites using Spirulina powder. They came out great and they were so easy to make. The recipe is very similar to the oatmeal bites I have made in the past, only it’s even easier and with less ingredients. This article by the Welness Mama on Spirulina is a nice easy read. Read it here Spirulina Benefits if you are interested in it. Based on this article and many others I read on Spirulina, I decided to try it mostly because of all the running I’ve…


    I love my coffee. I usually drink two cups in the morning and I’m set for the day. However, there are some days when I need a quick mid afternoon pick me up. Don’t we all??? I like the taste of instant coffee. I also like that it’s so easy to use and that I can make a quick cup with it; hot or cold. Here, I made an iced coffee with coconut milk and it was just what I needed. Grab the recipe and enjoy!!


    Happy Friday, everyone! I was up early this morning and for once my boys slept in a little. By little, I mean they woke up at 7:15 AM instead of 6:30 AM. We are making progress in the Hiller household with this sleeping-in situation. Because I started the day in good spirits, I decided to treat my co-workers this morning by making this easy banana bread. This is what a little time on my hands will do. Oh, and several ripe bananas played a key role. The finished product was quite tasty and it was well received. As for the Chia Seeds, I’ve been using the Wheat Montana – Organic Whole…

  • Thai Turkey Meatball Salad

    This salad is so fresh and so easy to put together. It can easily be prepped in advance too, and simply constructed minutes before your meal. The idea is very similar to the Thai Meatball Lettuce Wraps I have posted. However, it doesn’t involve as many ingredients. I guess its a simplified version for a quick weeknight meal. Let me know how you like it! XO