• Hungarian Stew with Noodles-Pörkölt

    Hungarian Stew with Noodles-Pörkölt

    This meal right here speaks to me on so many levels… Because it reminds me of my childhood. In case you didn’t know from following me on Social Media and this blog, I am Hungarian born in Romania. I am very lucky to have grown up enjoying the wonderful cuisines of both of these neighboring countries. Many of the dishes are the same and some are completely different and special in their own ways. This Hungarian Stew recipe is inspired by all the variations of stew that I grew up with. What’s so special about this stew? It’s that Hungarian paprika and the memories it brings. Paprika is a staple…

  • Orecchiette with Peas

    This is a simple pasta dish to accompany any protein or salad for a quick dinner. I used leftover grilled Italian sausage for a quick Monday evening dinner. I could also imagine this pasta dish served with baked or grilled chicken. Nix the meat and serve it with a side salad. You’ve got many options with this easy dish. It is tasty, creamy and oh so comforting. Now, get to cooking and let me know what you think. Also, don’t forget to follow my blog for more recipes like this one.

  • Butternut Squash Triangoli Tomato and Yellow Squash Butter

    Butternut Squash Triangoli Tomato and Yellow Squash Butter

    This, my friends, was the easiest and most delicious meal EVER!!! It honestly came together in under 20 minutes, and for a Monday evening dinner, it was beyond perfect! The butternut squash filled pasta and the buttery tomato and yellow squash, made a great match of sweet and salty! Try this Butternut Squash Triangoli Tomato and Yellow Squash Butter for dinner soon! I had little time yesterday to think of dinner ideas. I stopped at Trader Joe’s on my way home from work for a few items, and BOOM…. I discovered yet another delicious item of theirs. Thanks Trader Joe’s!!! You will find this deliciousness in the refrigerated section; by the…