Trader Joe's Charcuterie Board with Shopping List

Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board with Shopping List

Let’s face it. This is the party season. The holidays are almost here, my friends, and this Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board with Shopping List is perfect for the busy entertainer. Your shopping is simplified and your execution made easy with the model below. A little light prepping and chopping is needed but not too much. […]

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs

Ready for Easter? Make these Deviled Eggs for the holiday. They are quick and easy to put together with just a few ingredients. 10 minute eggs were used for this recipe. I brought a small pot of water to a rapid boil and placed the eggs in the boiling water. I set the timer for […]

Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

Are you ready to receive those guests?  Whether for the holiday season or a friendly get together, a simple Charcuterie Board with all the delicious bites is sure to get your guests eating and enjoying themselves.  The word Charcuterie is French, and it means cold cooked meats. While I love the cold cooked meats idea, […]

Easy Party Appetizers

I made these items recently and thought I’d share them with you so that you could share them with your friends and family this holiday season. First things first… I love appetizers!!! Varieties of little bites of tasty foods is what I dream of on a daily basis. I love to eat, if you haven’t […]

Refreshing Bourbon Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a tasty and refreshing cocktail? I know I do! Especially while trying to unwind after a long day or a long and busy week. Now, I have to say that I am new to the Bourbon craze. Frankly, I don’t know much about Bourbon. But, the few cocktails I have tasted here […]

Mango+Peach+Mint Sorbet

This summer treat is the easiest to make and it is so delicious. You can even make it a boozy treat if you wish, for all the adults (21+) at your party. I added a little Elderflower liquor like St-Germain to the mix, but I suspect that it would be delicious with Rum, Tequila and even Vodka. […]

Watermelon + Prosciutto + Mint Salad

Well, you won’t find a more refreshing mix than this one for a salad. This salad screams SUMMER and I love it!!! Take 15 minutes out of your busy day and make this. You will love it too. And if you don’t, you can drop it off at my house so I can eat it. […]

Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Are you looking for something fresh, healthy and delicious to make or bring to a summer party? Check out this salad!  Growing up, this type of salad was always on our breakfast, lunch and dinner table. We were lucky to have fresh veggie from the garden, too.  You can mix this up by adding radishes […]