Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board with Shopping List

Trader Joe's Charcuterie Board with Shopping List

Let’s face it. This is the party season. The holidays are almost here, my friends, and this Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board with Shopping List is perfect for the busy entertainer. Your shopping is simplified and your execution made easy with the model below.

A little light prepping and chopping is needed but not too much. Wash the veggies, cut the cheeses, and arrange into a beautiful spread for all to enjoy. Prep it all ahead of time, refrigerate in storage containers or Ziploc bags and arrange just before your guests arrive.

Leave the Boursin Cheese in the foil wrapper and sprinkle the top with the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. Also, wrap the prosciutto strands around the parmesan cheese sticks if you prefer.

This Charcuterie Board is perfect to entertain 30-50 people and it costs about $70.00. If you need something smaller, simply remove a couple of cheeses, meats, and a veggie.

Make it seasonal with a little pumpkin or cranberry decor for a fall-themed charcuterie board. Or, rosemary and thyme for a winter-themed board.

There’s a printable shopping list for your convenience for this Charcuterie Board. All items are grouped as to the flow of my local Trader Joe’s. Starting at produce, to cheeses, to meats, then crackers and seasonings. Easy peasy. Grab it all now and arrange it later for your guests.

I always stock my fridge with cheese and meats in case someone pops over. Wine isn’t on the list but, you should get a few bottles to complete the party. Also, the strawberries and olives aren’t on the list either. I added those for a pop of color and I already had them at home.


I mean who doesn’t love a Charcuterie Board these days? Especially a Trader Joe’s Charcuterie Board with Shopping List written out. Need more inspiration? Here’s another board I made –

My Instagram feed is loaded with Charcuterie Boards too if you need even more inspiration. My husband and I enjoy a Charcuterie Board for dinner and lunch often. Love them!

As always, thanks for reading. Please be sure to share your boards and executed recipes with me by tagging me on Instagram and/or Facebook! xo


  1. Yum, this looks amazing and I love the shopping list. I can't wait to kick up charcuterie game.
  2. Love this! Excited to use this list for upcoming holiday parties!

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