Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs
Ready for Easter?

Make these Deviled Eggs for the holiday. They are quick and easy to put together with just a few ingredients.

10 minute eggs were used for this recipe. I brought a small pot of water to a rapid boil and placed the eggs in the boiling water. I set the timer for 10 minutes. When done, I rinsed the eggs under cold water and allowed them to cool off on the counter.

Next, I peeled the eggs, cut them in half, mashed the yolks in a small bowl and added the rest of the ingredients. I mixed them well to make a smooth-ish filling for the eggs.

I love the salty pickle juice in this Deviled Eggs recipe. I ended up using the juice from spicy pickles. Such a good combination! Because the pickle juice is salty, go easy with the salt. Add a small pinch to start.

This was a little extra work but, I used my Pampered Chef Easy Accent Decorator to pipe the mixture into the egg white halves. Alternatively, you could use a teaspoon or make your own piping bag using a Ziploc bag.

The crumbled bacon pieces came from Costco. I fried them up a bit for a crunchier bite.

Finally,  I garnished the tops of the Deviled Eggs with freshly chopped parsley.

This is a great side dish or appetizer for any occasion. Make it! It’s simple and delicious!

Here’s the recipe:

Serves 6


Deviled Eggs

A classic side dish for any holiday or gathering. Pickle juice and bacon make these Deviled Eggs amazing.

5 minPrep Time

10 minCook Time

15 minTotal Time

12 halves


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  • 6 Boiled Eggs
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Mayonnaise
  • 1 1/2 Tbsp Pickle Juice
  • 1/8 Tsp Pepper
  • Salt to Taste
  • Bacon Bits
  • Parsley


  1. Boil the eggs, allow to cool, then peel and cut them in half.
  2. Separate the yolk from the egg white into a small bowl.
  3. To the same bowl, add mayo, pickle juice, salt and pepper. Mix well.
  4. Spoon the mixture into the egg white halves.
  5. Garnish with bacon and fresh chopped parsley.


gluten free
soy free
wheat free
seafood free
treenut free
sesame free
mustard free


Nutrition Facts
    Amount Per Serving
  • Calories 101
  • % Daily Value*

  • Total Fat: 8 g 12.31%
  • Saturated Fat: 2 g 10%
  • Cholesterol: 188 mg 62.67%
  • Sodium: 113 mg 4.71%
  • Potassium: 65 mg 1.86%
  • Total Carbohydrate: 1 g %
  • Sugar: 1 g
  • Protein: 6 g
  • Vitamin A: 5.34%
  • Calcium: 25 mg 2.5%
  • Iron: 1 mg 5.56%
  • * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

    Click Here For Full Nutrition, Exchanges, and MyPlate Info

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