Cranberry Apple Muffins

Fall is upon us, my friends! It is my favorite season of them all. Why? Because I love the cooler temperatures, open windows, long sessions of stove top cooking, baking, and all the spices and aromas that come with the season.

Cranberry Apple Muffins
Cranberry Apple Muffins

Give me all the cinnamon, apples, pumpkins and these seasonal Cranberry Apple Muffins. I’m a sucker for it all.
This easy muffin recipe is perfect to awaken your fall senses. The apples, cinnamon and cranberries make a great satisfying mix and are great for on the go eating. These are ideal for a quick breakfast especially when warmed up a tad with a touch of butter. Yum!  Because butter makes everything better, am I right?
Give me a cup of hot coffee and i’m in heaven. Take them on a road trip, to those soccer games or grab them as a snack while cleaning up your yard. Whatever your lifestyle and needs, these will help you. Trust me, because I know. 🙂
I used my new Oster HEATSOFT Hand Mixer for this recipe. Have you ever wanted to bake something  and the recipe calls for room temperature or melted butter??
Cranberry Apple Muffins
Cranberry Apple Muffins

I get ideas constantly, because I can’t stop thinking about food, and I want to execute them right away, only to get this major cold butter road block. Well, this mixer plows straight through that cold butter road block, and softens the butter for you within minutes. It’s perfect and I love using it for quick baking recipes.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m obsessed with my stand mixer. But, it doesn’t help me when I have ice cold butter.

These Cranberry Apple Muffins take less than 30 minutes to pull off and you will reap the benefits for many days. In my opinion, it is worth the little investment of your time. Oh, they are also kid friendly so that’s an added bonus and perfect for back to school.

Are you ready to bake this fall? I sure am. Here’s another seasonal apple recipe for you, which is also flour-less – Apple Turmeric Ginger Oatmeal Muffins.
Happy fall to all of you! Get out there and enjoy the fresh air with muffins in hand. As always, thanks for reading.



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