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On this page I will share with you all of the items I have and use in my kitchen to prepare and photograph my dishes.
If you see something you like, please don’t hesitate to contact me about it. Click on the images below for purchasing options on AMAZON or go directly to my Amazon page via this link: Amazon – Detroit Is For Foodies
CALPHALON POTS & PANS – I’ll start with this set of pans from Calphalon. I got these as a wedding gift, almost 7 years ago, and they are wonderful, easy to clean and a joy to cook with. I also have the Dutch Oven 8.5 qt which I use for everything; cooking, baking, you name it. Love it!

PORTABLE INDUCTION COOKTOP – I’ve used these for the cooking videos I have posted on Instagram. Love it! It is very efficient and can be placed anywhere, especially if you are chasing good light like I am all the time (as long as you are safe of course and children can’t get to it).

CELL PHONE HOLDER – I clip this bad boy to a window sill or a table with my phone attached to it and record/photograph. A nice hands free option for cooking videos or stop motion files. The arm is bendy and its easy to use.

ENAMELED CAST IRON PAN – I’m new to this and I love it. As with anything enameled, you do have to be cautious with the utensils you use. I always reach for that wooden spoon and spatula.

CALPHALON GRILL PAN – I use my Calphalon Stainless Grill pan at least once a week. It is great to give anything a nice grill mark and to give you a taste of summer from your stove. I use it mostly for chicken breast  and veggies. Although Calphalon discontinued the Stainless Grill pan these ones are available. The reviews speak for themselves.


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