Tostadas Rancheras

If you've been following my food journey thus far, you can see that I love eggs. I guess I'm one of those, "Put an egg on it" types. No matter what it is, it transforms it and it adds an extra yum factor to it. Do you agree? This beautiful plate came together on a... Continue Reading →


Asparagus Soup 

I love asparagus. My husband loves asparagus too. Last weekend, I decided to make an asparagus purée to accompany our lamb chops for dinner. The purée was delicious. This weekend, using the same concept, I decided to make asparagus soup. It too, was delicious! This is an easy recipe and it yields a hearty soup.... Continue Reading →

Matcha Tea Latte

I've been somewhat obsessed with Matcha powder. I picked up a can of Culinary Matcha by Matcha Love a few months ago, at Meijer, and I never looked back. I made cookies, I add it to my smoothies, and I have other visions for it. So stay tuned. Here's a recipe I've beed using for... Continue Reading →

Lemon Chicken with Asian Zoodles

Lemon Chicken with Asian Zoodles Chicken (Serves 2-4)Ingredients2 skinless/boneless chicken breasts, butterflied cut in halfSalt and freshly ground black pepperAll-purpose flour, for dredging4 tablespoons unsalted butter2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil1/3 cup fresh lemon juiceSeason chicken with salt and pepper. Place about 3 tablespoons of flour on a plate and dredge the chicken, then shake off... Continue Reading →

Potato Pancakes

These potato pancakes are always perfect to satisfy my fried food cravings. My Dad used to make these ALL THE TIME when I was a kid. My husband, Jeff, enjoys them with apple sauce. I like them straight up, hot and greasy from the pan. So delicious. Pair with a beer and you got yourself... Continue Reading →

Hungarian Walnut Cookies

These cookies were a tradition in our home during the holidays.Growing up in Romania, with a Hungarian family, they were a staple. Whether they were filled with the walnut filling or homemade prune butter, they were a must have. One to two weeks prior to the holidays, my mother and both of my grandmothers were... Continue Reading →

Sausage GALETTE!

As always, I was searching the web for dinner ideas. I came across this pastry thing called a Galette... I saw some filled with sweets and others filled with savory toppings.Over the weekend, during my weekly grocery shopping trip, I picked up some leeks (which I never cooked with before) and some Italian sausage. Thursday... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk COCKTAILS

Over the summer, I went to a fundraising event at Selden Standard in Detroit. I was with a great group of friends, and we were served an after dinner drink that was composed of a Sweet White Vermouth, soda, and a lemon twist.In my quest to find said Sweet White Vermouth in local stores, I... Continue Reading →

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